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Pabin (पबिन)Decent
Pabitra (पबित्र)Clean, Pure
Padam (पदम)Lotus


Paras (पारस)Touchstone
Paresh Supreme spirit
Paruka (परुका)King of Kirat dynasty.
Parvesh Lord of celebration; Energy
Pasupati Lord Shiva
Pawan (पवन)Pawan means Wind and it is Hindu by religion. Pawan belongs to rashi Kanya (Virgo) and Nakshatra (stars) Uttara Phalguni, Hastha, Poorva Phalguni.
Pitambar (पिताम्बर)In Sanskrit, "Pita" means "Yellow" and "Ambara" means "Garment". Therefore, this name is given to Hindi gods Vishnu or Krishna as yellow clothing is traditionally worn at religious event.
Piyush (पियुष)Ambrosia or Nectar; Immortality; A food or drink of god that will make one immortal.
Prabal Coral
Prabesh (प्रवेश)An act or instance of entering somewhere; Entrance
Prabhakar Sun
Prabhat Dawn
Prabhav (प्रभाव)Powerful; Effect
Prabin (प्रविन)Knowledgeable, intelligent and well informed.
Pradeep Light, shine
Prakash (प्रकाश)Light
Prakrit (प्रक्रित)Nature
Pramin (प्रमिन)Please advise us the meaning of Pramin.
Pramish (प्रमिश)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Pramod (प्रमोद)Delight
Pran Life
Pranav The sacred syllable Om
Pranish (प्रनिश)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Prasad Offering to god during pooja
Prashan Wonderful
Pratik (प्रतिक)Symbol
Praveen; pravin Expert
Prawon Niceful
Prayash (प्रयाश)An effort to accomplish something; an attempt.
Prem Love
((यो नामको Meaning थाहा नहुने लाई त के भन्नु ))
Prem Raj (प्रेम राज)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Prerak (प्रेरक)Influencer
Priansh Beloved; Most lovable.
Prithak (पृथक)Unique; Different from others
Prithu Broad, spacious
Prithvi Earth
Priyanshu (प्रियाँशु)First ray of sunlight
Pujan (पुजन)God Gift, Gift of God
Pukhraj Topaz
Purna (पूर्ण)Complete, Entire, Full; Also used to refer the full moon.
Puru Abundant; name of a king
Purushottam Best among men
Pusparaj (पुष्पराज)King of flowers