A Beautiful Experience; Great Experience;

it is a boy name ...


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Anubhav also means ...

    Experience as suggested by Prabin Dahal

    A Beautiful Experience; Great Experience as suggested by Anubhav

    An Experience, knowledge, understanding as suggested by Atma

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Aabesh (आबेश)Anger; Rage; Short-Tempered
Aabishkar (आविष्कार)One with a creative ability; Unique or Novel.
Aadesh (आदेश)Command; message


Aadit (आदित)New Starting
(नया सुरुवात )
Aagat (आगत)Future
Aakar (आकार)Shape
Aakash (आकाश)The Sky
Aakash, Akash Sky
(भनेको आकाश; जब तपाई खुला मैदानबाट माथि हेर्दा देखिने निलो कुरा)
Aaron (आरोन)A person or their rank or status at a high or powerful level.
Aaronsh (आरोंष, आरोन्श)Lofty; exalted; high mountain
Aartish (आर्तिश)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Aarus (आरुस)First ray of the sun
Aaryan (आर्यन)Of Aryan desent
Aash Narayan [Newari] The God of Hope
Aashima (आशिम)Infinity
Aashish (आशिष)Blessings
Aashwin (आश्विन)Derived form Sanskrit it is the seventh month of the Lunar Hindu Calendar (Bikram Samvat - B. C calendar). It also means: "spear, lance" and "friend, protector, lord"

Also: Ashwin, Aswin
Aayan (आयन)Start, New beginning; Gift of God
Aayush (आयुष)Long Life or Blessing.
Abeer (अबीर)Colour, Colourful
Abheek or Abhik Fearless Warload
Abhinanda To rejoice; To celebrate; To praise; To bless
Abhinav (अभिनव)Quite new
Abhinyush (अभिन्युश)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Abhirup (अभिरूप)Pleasing
Abhishek (अभिषेक)Shower of Milk or Water over an idol
Abichal (अविचल)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Abinab (अभिनव)In Sanskrit Abhinab means "very young", "quite new", "unique", "clever", and "bright".

Also: Abhinav
Abiral (अविरल )Never Ever Ending
(अन्तनै नभएको)
Achut Imperishable; A name of Vishnu
Achyut (अच्युत)Imperishable; A name of Vishnu
Adarsh Ideal
Adesh (आदेश)Command
Adit (अदित)From the beginning; Peak
Aditya Sun
Agam (अगम)Unique
Ahijit Conquerer of the serpent
Ahilan (अहिलन)Knowledgeable; Commanding
Ainesh The sun's glory
Ajay (अजय)Unconquerable, invincible
Ajit Unconquerable (Ajeet)
Ajit, Ajeet (अजित, अजीत)Unconquerable
Ajoy (अजोय)Unconquerable
Akash, Aakash Sky
(भनेको आकाश; जब तपाई खुला मैदानबाट माथि हेर्दा देखिने निलो कुरा)
Akhil Complete
Akhilesh Indestructible; Immortal
Akram (अक्रम)Generosity; Most Generous
Akrit (आकृत )Helping Others; One who is helpful
Amal Bright, clean, pure
Aman (अमन)Peace, Calm, Shanti, Tranquillity, Fulfilled
Amar (अमर)Forever, Immortal
Amesh Hijada; Man without balls
Amish (अमिश, अमिष )Honest
Amit (अमित)Endless, Boundless
Amol (अमोल)Priceless, Valuable
Amrit (अमृत)Nectar; (in Hindu,Greek and Roman mythology) the drink of the gods that will make one immortal
Amulya (अमुल्य)Priceless, Precious, Valuable
(कुनै मूल्य नै नभएको - अनमोल )
Anamol (अनमोल)Priceless
(कुनै मूल्य नै नभएको - अनमोल )
Aniket Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Anil (अनिल)God of Wind
Anish (अनिश)Supreme
Anjan (अन्जन)Unknown, Undisclosed, Untold
(कृपयायो नामको अर्थ हलिदिनुहोला !)
Ankit (अंकित)Represented; Specified
Anu (अनु)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Anubhav (अनुभव)A Beautiful Experience; Great Experience;
Anuj Younger brother
Anupam Incomparable
Anush (अनुष)Beautiful morning or Star or Following desires
Arhan (आर्हन)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
(कृपयायो नामको अर्थ हलिदिनुहोला !)
Arhant Destroyer of enemies
Arista (अरिस्ता) In greek it means "the best" but in Latin it means "harvest."
Arjun (अर्जुन)In Sanskrit it means "bright, shining, white, focus, clear". It is also derived from the name Arjuna, a warrior-hero in Hindu mythology from the Mahabharata.
Arsan (आर्सन)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Arun Sun; mythical charioteer of the sun; dawn
Ashim (अशिम)Boundless; Endless; Unlimited.
Ashish (आशिश)Blessing
Ashok (अशोक)Emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from c. 268 to 232 BCE.

Also: Ashoka
Ashoksamir (अशोक्समिर)The silent star
Ashwin (आश्विन)In Sanskrit, Ashwin means "light". It is also name of a month in Bikram Samvat calendar. In Thai, Ashwin (also known as Asaween) means "brave knight".
Asphak (अस्फाक)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Atma Soul
Atul Matchless
Avaya (अभय)Fearless
Avhyudaya (अव्ह्युदय)Rising Sun; A Great Beginning
Awanish (अवानिष, अवानिश)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Ayan (आयन)Start; New Beginning
Ayush (आयुष)Long Life