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Uddav (उद्दव)In a mythical Mahabaharat Epic, Uddav is the uncle of the Lord Krishna.
Ujwal (उज्वल)Bright; Lustrous; Splendorous
Ujwal; Ujjala (उज्वल)Bright


Umesh Lord Shiva
Upendra (उपेन्द्र)Brother of Haven King Indra.
Urmila (उर्मिला)Means Enchantress or Wife of lord Lakshman; Waves of passion
Ushan (उशन)Please advise us the meaning of this name!
Utsaha (उत्साह )One having an active and motivated attitude instead of a passive one; Life; Enthusiasm; Zeal
(उमंग, हौसला)
Utsav Celebration; festival
Utsika (उत्सिका)Please advise us the meaning of this name.
Uttam Best